The benefits of maternity acupressure

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a form of healing using specific pressure points throughout the body, applying pressure with fingers and seals. It has been used as a way to cure for at least 5,000 years. Acupressure has been documented in the treatment of more than 3,000 health conditions.

On the basis of the same principles of acupuncture, acupressure works to stimulate specific reflex points located as part of the energy lines, which pass through the body and are called meridians. There are 14 main meridian lines, each corresponds to an individual body organ. It is thought that when vital energies are able to browse the meridians in a balanced and uniform way, leading to good health.

How can acupressure help work and delivery?

Maternity acupressure can help pain at work, relaxation, anxiety and more. It can also be used to induce work, making it a wonderful and natural method of inducing work rather than adopting a more medical approach. Some women even use maternity acupression to help with post-delivery of pain, relaxation and anxiety.

This method can include help from your partner

Many women occur on themselves, however, the fact that your partner applies pressure on pressure points can be very beneficial because it can stay focused on the task to accomplish while you worry about other things, like Deliver a healthy baby.

It can take practices, but you will discover it!

Whether you play acupressure on yourself or for someone else, it can take a little used to accustom you and some practice. When the good pressure point is found, the pregnant woman can feel a warm tingling feeling.

Professionals use acupressure during delivery

More and more midwives are implementing this method in delivery. Whether at home or at the hospital, it becomes more and more frequent. The more this procedure is implemented in the average delivery, the more it seems to be recognized. Some speculate that, for finally, it will be a normal part of the delivery at home and in the delivery room.

Relief of stress and pain relief

Relieving stress and pain are the two biggest draws at maternity acupressure. Especially for new mothers who deliver a baby for the first time, stress and levels of anxiety are important for healthy and smooth delivery. Women find these same techniques useful in pregnancy, during delivery and after delivery. The use of maternity acupressure as a means of inducing work is effective, safe for mother and baby and 100% natural, which becomes more and more important for mothers these days.

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