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In the world today change your health care is unable to become passive participants in your own health. You must be proactive and partner with your health service provider. Approach your doctor and other health care providers as if they were members chosen by hand from your optimal health team. Here are some tips on how to start doing this now.

Schedule routine visits and make sure you get a clear picture of your current health factor and risk. Don’t blindly accept all your health service providers to tell you. They see the flow of patients who are stable throughout the day and use “normal” guidelines because they are safe and comfortable. But this normal guideline may not reflect your worries and optimal health goals. You must educate your doctor about your health goals and health problems. When they give you a recipe, make sure you understand the full impact of their actions to describe. If you have questions or don’t understand, ask your doctor until you understand.

This is an example of what I mean.

After undergoing every heart test available for my fib, my doctor told me “Your heart is fine it is your heart’s electrical system that doesn’t work properly”. Because I exercise regularly and quite intense I discussed limitations, if any, I have to use when exercising. I was also worried because one of the symptoms I experienced had a max heartbeat I fluctuated everyday while exercising with the same intensity. I did an interval training where I ran hard for 90 seconds and then walked for two minutes. On a few days, my Max heartbeat will reach 140 and on the other 160-170 even when I ran at the same or slower speed. In the days when I was jammed on 160+ I felt drained after exercising. At 140 days I felt fresh. I shared this information with my doctor and we discussed how FIB could affect my training performance and the relevant risks involved. We then agreed that I would go where the monitor heartbeat and limit my max heartbeat to 140. This number allowed me to do my normal exercise but avoid pushing myself hard. Without discussion about the numbers that I used to keep the score of the normal thing to say my doctor, “Don’t do a heavy sport … Next patients” instead we agree to the optimal approach to my health condition and my lifestyle.

Remember your health and life. Partners with health care providers that help you identify risk factors that allow you to save scores. Early detection increases successful care opportunities and positive results.

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