Is the laser acne treatment effective?

Men and women are currently suffering from acne. You can always hit someone who has a red lump throughout his face every time you shop at the mall. Actually there are some people who won’t even come out just because they have acne that stands out of their faces. Because of the prevalence of acne, many drugs are brought out on the market, but there are some who prefer quick care such as acne laser care.

At present, the clinic uses two types of acne laser care. The first is the treatment of laser diodes and the second is the laser treatment of pulsed dyes. Each of these treatments has been used and has been effective in patients. One catch is that one form of treatment can work with one person but not on the other.

Patients who have chosen to undergo acne laser treatment pay attention to their acne reduction of 37%. This is the result of one visit to the clinic. The next visit further increases the percentage of acne reduction. The third visit has shown a reduction of 85%, which has become a good figure. Some patients who positively respond to treatment that experienced acne removal after four months or five months. Some really feel the minimum effect like a little swelling. This effect often disappears afterwards.

People can consider acne laser care as a treatment that is still evolving. Those who want direct results result in acne laser care, and most say that care is truly effective in removing acne. The side effects are very minimal when compared to antibiotics.

A good laser acne treatment clinic is the main consideration when someone wants to undergo treatment. Initially, the skin condition as a whole must be evaluated by the doctor. This is very important because without this consultation, the doctor will not be able to evaluate patients so that he can make the right treatment plan.

After the doctor has scheduled the first treatment, it must be noted that the sun should be avoided. Sunlight exposure must also be limited. This is because when the skin is brown, the effect of treatment will not work very well. Limiting sun exposure must last for several weeks.

During the treatment schedule, the body must be free of chemicals such as lotions or makeup. These chemicals act as a blockade and will inhibit treatment to be very effective.

Treatment involves the skin exposed to light. Therefore, the cooling gel application is needed. This gel makes the skin burning when treatment is being carried out.

Some people are usually afraid to go through clinical care because of the pain they hang out with the procedure. However, this does not often occur, because most patients undergo acne laser treatment, said that they did not feel pain during the entire process.

Each session is not too long, considering it only lasts less than an hour. The session will also depend on whether acne is really severe or not.

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